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Terms and condition

1. Terms

You should read this document carefully prior to completing your on-line transaction, once you have completed the sales transaction, a contract is created and you are agreeing to be bound by these terms and conditions. The contract is formed between ‘you’ and ‘ order to process a sales transaction you must Have the owner rights to the device that you wish to sale to us 

•Be at least 18 years of age or have obtained prior permission from parent's / guardians if you are under the age of 18 Upon receipt of your device and at the point of payment being processed to you, the ownership of the device transfers to us and a contract is formed. This contract is binding on both parties as well as on any respective successors and assigns. are an on-line trading company and therefore we will communicate with you by email. It is important to check

your emails regularly and to ensure that you read and action any requests we send you. A lot of the emails we send out are automatically generated which can quite often go into spam/junk mail so please also check your spam mail. We cannot be held responsible for unchecked and unread emails.

All gadgets sold must compulsorily be attached with the following documents:

1. self-attested ID-proof( government approved ) of owner of old gadget;

2. self-attested indemnity bond provided by us if required;

2. Cancellation

You are entitled to change your mind and not proceed with the sales transaction before your device is picked up. There is no cost associated with this. Once you have sold the device to us, you cannot cancel the contract.

3. Processing Your Device

Given the many variations of condition of phones and tablets, it is very difficult to give a ‘one price fits all’ service. We don’t make price promises which can’t be kept, we give an accurate valuation of your device upon receipt and offer you a price which is highly competitive and in a lot of cases is higher than other recyclers. The website price will be paid for devices in great cosmetic and fully working condition. This means either no marks/scratches etc or minor marks/scratches which don’t affect the recyclable value. Based on the condition of your device, we may revalue offer. This offer will give you two options; to either accept the price or to reject the price. Please be assured that if we cannot reasonably justify a reduction in price, we will NOT reduce it. We will offer you a fair and competitive price for your device based on its cosmetic condition and functionality testing. The following list, whilst not exhaustive, aims to provide a guide on the reasons why we would offer a re-value price: •Details of device sold on our website do not match the device received  •No battery or back cover or missing parts / screws  •Evidence of the device having had an attempted repair by an unauthorised service centre and / or has non genuine parts fitted to it  •Device is crushed, not in one piece or dismantled. All main components should be attached to the board.  •Not be damaged by or contaminated with water  •No IMEI or IMEI label  •Not a INDIAN specification device and is locked to a foreign network  •Does not turn on and off and does not fully work / is faulty  •Device has scuffs, knocks, cracks, dents, chips, scratches to outer casings/cosmetics/device body and battery/back cover  •Scratches or marks on screen - please note that screen protectors will be removed in order to fully inspect the screen  •Screen has blemishes, bruises or missing pixels when turned on  •Evidence of liquid ingress  •Password / security locked and devices activated to customer iCloud account

4. Payments

Our payment methods are bank transfer or paid Cashitup.

5.Data Security

We cannot be held liable for the safety, security and confidentiality of personal data. It is your responsibility to transfer and delete any data from your device prior to sending to us. There is a data delete tool on our website so please use this to ensure the safe deletion of your personal information. Should you not be able to find the model of your phone in the data delete tool, please email at and we will email you the instructions. We will not accept responsibility or liability for loss, damage or misuse of: •SIM cards and any information on them - remove and retain your SIM card prior to handover your device to us, we will not accept responsibility or liability for SIM cards and if received, will be disposed of.  •Data and memory cards and any information contained on them. We will destroy and dispose of any data/memory cards received.

6. Devices with Passwords & iCloud Issues

Please remove the password from your device and / or deactivate the device from iCloud prior to handover it to us. Devices received with passwords and locked to iCloud accounts will be valued at a non working price.

7.Blocked/Blacklisted Products

We use the CheckMEND crime protection database for due diligence checks and to ascertain the legal ownership of the device. We are unable to process devices which do not pass our due diligence requirements, this may be because the device has a report against it that it is not in the possession of the legal owner.

8. Fake Devices

Fake and counterfeit devices are manufactured to resemble devices made by another company which is a breach of Copyright. We do not accept fake or counterfeit devices for recycling for cash. Fake/counterfeit devices will not be returned in accordance with industry Copyright practice and standards. They will be disposed of with no payment due.

9. Returns Policy

Once you have accepted our offer, whether a full price offer or a re-value offer and you have been paid, we will be unable to return your mobile device back to you. We reserve the right to vary and amend our terms and conditions from time to time.