Introduces Digital Wallet Amitabh Bachan’s New Entry In NFT’s

BlogImage is the platform for NFT’s exchanging, The
“” team officially announced that there is a new digital
Wallet for the auctioning of “The Bollywood Legend” Amitabh
Bachan’s upcoming NFT collection.
Amitabh Bachan is the first Bollywood actor who set to release his
virtual collectibles on the NFT platform, the collectibles like Amitabh
Bachan’s “madhushala” narrated podcast, His autographed original
“Sholay” movie poster and His face pixels design emoji sticker image
these all can be purchased by using your Cryptocurrency. The gifts
are in the “loot box” it receives rare NFT’s gift don’t miss it. The
BeyondLife.Club has set to go live with Amitabh Bachan on November
1st, looking at those things “how he inspired the work what he doing”.

The aim of launching this drop wallet, as per the company statement,
is to make NFT-buying in a simple way for both, crypto as well as non-
crypto Bachchan fans.
The new Amitabh Bachan’s exclusive drop wallet
will support all forms of transaction gateways like debit and credit
cards, as well as for cryptocurrencies. This platform is compatible with
Ethereum and Polygon networks for the NFT minting process.
Earlier day in this October, Amitabh Bachchan agreed to be the brand
ambassador of the Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX. He choose to
work on spreading awareness about cryptocurrency in India through
his influence, CoinDCX had said at the time.
Following Amitabh Ji, many Bollywood celebrities take their first step
in the Crypto space.
In the order first, “The Bollywood Box Office King”
Salman Khan has also announced the launch of his very own
collection of NFT’s that will be available in “BollyCoin”.
The first Bollywood Actress “Sunny Leone” has also
reportedly invested in September.
In the fact, NFT trading platform of Colexion recently signed some
Indian artists like including Sunil Shetty, Aamir Ali, Mika Singh, and
Sidhu Moosewala among others to be part of its marketplace.
Apart from Indian celebs, several foreign artists like
including rapper Snoop Dogg and American TV show host Steve
Harvey has already jumped and swum on the NFTs. And the
trend is injecting among Indian celebs as well.