All about apple’s ios 15, iPad os 15 and watch os 8


All about apple’s ios 15, iPad os 15 and watch os 8
In this, you’re going to read about Apple launches there is a new
update on ios 15, iPad os 15, and watch os 8!!

iphone ios 15:
Apple’s ios 15 has a huge update and cool feature it supports on iPod
touch (7th generation), iPhone SE (1st & 2nd generation), and from
iPhone 6s to iPhone 12 pro max for iPhone 13 has the default on the
Note: if it is said to update for all models, but some cool features were
able to use in the “a12” bionic chipset which means iPhone Xr and
above models were able to access all the features.
Let’s get enter and see about the features. The weather app has while
you checking whether it shows that animation, whether it’s raining it,
shows rain animation then it’s sunny it shows sun animation on living.
The clock app looks the same but you can type and set your alarm on
It's a new update.

The Safari app make lots of change on it the search bar is on down
that you can swipe to the next tab like without going to recent apps
and moving on it to other apps it’s easier and fluent you can hide your
The IP address in the safari settings. The apple maps have developed the
3d view you can see live trees, bridges, skyscrapers, etc.., Next is
“Face time” is updated to changing or blur the background and
the grid view is also available, while the group call has detected the
audio from the people who talk from the direction, the new
“microphone mode” is there while you are in the meeting there is any high
background noise is there just switch the mode and use it detects your
only voice, last but not least the create link option is also there you
make your meeting link and share to the peoples in your contact and
not in your contact and you can send to the Android users also but the
android users can use only in the browsers app is not available in your
play store. The widgets are very cool if selecting the contact widget
selects that person on the widget it shows that his call history photo
you named and other contact detail of he registered. The next cool
the feature is “Live text” using this feature you can copy the text from the
image while you long-press the image or thing you can search, copy-
paste, and translate moreover this feature is working like google lens.
In the “text camera” you can long-press the type area it pop-up shows
text camera click on that the camera opens then show your iPhone
cam on the subject it detects the wordings and automatically types on
the type is. Now see about Notifications this time it has changed the
icons were larger on the left-hand side and it shows that high priority
notifications on the top and the low priority app are on down by using
“focus mode”. So what is that focus mode? Using this focus mode you
use your mobile phone for your priority and use customize the app
what you want to display the time what you want on your home screen
just long-press the sleep mode then you can choose your mode what
you want.

The download size is around 3GB in size. Users can go to
Settings>General>Software Update and check for the update. Make
sure the iPhone or iPad is charged more than 50 percent before you
start installing and download.
It is recommended to download over WiFi, and not your mobile data,
given the latter can be an unstable connection at times.
Apple iPad os 15
All the features are the same in the iPad as what you see in the iPhone update
but there are some small upgrades not in the iPhone os update Let’s see
it !!
There are only a few devices that updated the ios 15 like.iPadOS 15 will
be coming to all iPad Pro 12.9-inch and iPad Pro 11-inch versions and the
iPad Pro 10.5-inch and iPad Pro 9.7-inch. It will also come to the standard
iPad (5th generation and above), iPad mini 4, 5th and 6th generation. The
latest iPad mini that Apple just launched is running the new
iPadOS. Apple iPad Air 2nd generation and above will also get the latest
First, we talk about Battery’s “Low power mode” that is not in iPhone
here it is the mode which has good performance in low power also.
There is another feature is called app library in that you can create
a library for what you want and arrange in an order you can display on
the home screen whenever you want for example social, music,
google etc.., Then multitasking while you working on one application
then you want to see another app on the time just hold and drag that
application to the screen it works while using itself you can control
the multitasking views the control panel to do on it. While multitasking
you can open the notes page and you can move the things that you
saw in a web page to notes. Now comes to “Keyboard” whenever you
using a third-party keyboard or apple magic keyboard that you can
use the shortcut keys like using the computers if you want to know

about that keys you have to long-press the Globe key then it shows
how the shortcut keys were working it you can use that shortcut keys for
three things “system, multitasking and split-screen”
Watch Os 8:
Apple has launched a new watch os 8 apple watches it has
updated with cool new features.
The watchOS 8 updates will be eligible, continue to support Apple Watch
Series 3 and above. Of course, the latest Watch Series 7 will run
watchOS 8 out of the box. To use watchOS 8, users will also require
iPhone 6s or later with iOS 15 or later.
First, we go with watch faces it’s the main thing that many of them
seeing on this update long-press the center of the watch swipe and go
with your favorite watch faces and if you scroll you can add on
additional watch faces, in portrait options you can make display your
own captured photos on the mobile. The photos have little updated that
you can see like memories collage and within a photo, you can share a
photo In “messages” you have emojis and icons you can scribble and
voice message to type format. The “Accessibility” has new features like
touch assistance when your hands are in the normal position the screen is
of when you can face your watch that your watch screen on using your
hand and finger control you can control your watch you can pitch, glitch
etc.., Here also you can use focus mode that like work, home, play
etc.., The watch has redesigned the music app. “Mindfulness and
breathe” in this mode you can see the illusion video concentrate the
video and bring our mind to center while breathing you have to inhale
exhale after completing you can end it. The find things update and add
has found items you find out your everyday items like keys, backpacks
etc.., they have updated the timer also we can custom option also

The sleep app has track your sleep time while sleeping it tracks your
blood oxygen and more options. In the “home” in the Home app, you can
control the device connected with your watch to on and off the device
in your house, office, clubhouse, etc.., and you can suggest timing
when it has to off. Noise detection and control you can control the
connected music device where you can control it. There are few changes and additional workouts also.