Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were down for several hours


On 4/10/2021 Monday at 9 pm the people’s daily life routine Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp were down for several hours. Not only Facebook and there under apps like Instagram and Whatsapp have been inaccessible for several hours, And the users were started reporting over 20,000 users were reporting on that time, Nowadays Facebook was used by fewer people due to the outage in recent times. The company confirmed this on their official Twitter page, This announcement is not only for common users and also for various corporate users including Facebook app, Instagram, and Whatsapp.


(Nowadays since Twitter is the only major Social media working right now)

Not only Facebook even WhatsApp and Instagram also announced on their official Twitter page.

They assured me that the app will be back online soon. According to the report from Facebook due to the outage, that means less usage of the Facebook app happens,

How did they find outages?

They fixed the outage down detector to find in the Facebook app usage the detector indicates the low usage.

The outage of Facebook has been a good time for the competitors, with the Facebook has codeword of tweeting that has made a huge influx of users, Those who are all not able to send the message in Whatsapp at the time of moment this issue was caused by DNS problem.

  Social media has over 410 million users in India. Still adding, WhatsApp is the largest social media messaging app with over 530 million users. Finally, Instagram has a user base of over 210 million in the country. These figures are staggering and we hope that Facebook fixes the issue as soon as possible.